Sunday, June 29, 2008

How Gemstones work on us or help us ? : By Niranjan Mehta

Well, just as all types of food are not Suitable for all humans, not all gemstones are recommended to be worn by all humans. This cosmic configuration or nature or your physical body is broken down into the five basic elements: fire (your body temperature), water (the molecule that makes up 75 of your body), air (the molecules that you breathe every second), earth (your body's minerals and vitamins), and cosmic energy (the Sun and other planets' magnetic fields). Fusing the natural composition of the gemstones with that of your body will enhance your talents and diminish your weaknesses.

Nature has provided all sorts of natural essentials in the form of air, water, earth, fire, and cosmic energy. However, not everything provided by Nature is suitable to the human species (i.e. coal mine air, ocean water, poison ivy). Similarly, Nature has created hundreds of gemstones. Yet, Vedic science proves that a particular set of nine gemstones are the most suitable for humans: ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat's eye, and hessonite. These nine gemstones are perfectly in tune with the human species and will empower you with energy and enlightenment. Your mind and body receive nourishment and energy from food which grows on the outer (first) layer of the Earth. The minerals that infuse the vegetables and grains with nourishment lie a lower (second) layer of the Earth. The third layer, deep under the Earth's surface, contains concentrations of harmonizing ions. With intense pressure and high temperatures, dynamic energies are instilled within the gemstones that are dug from mines around the world. These gemstones, or rather Vedic astrological gemstones will recharge your body, improve your mind, you gain more respect and affection, and are able to accomplish tasks with relative ease.

Wearing the wrong gemstones could be the cause to much disruption and stagnation in your life. The technique required for finding the most beneficial gemstones requires establishing your Nakshatra (birth ascendant) through calculations based on your date, time, and place of birth. .Remember, Nature will not come knocking on your door to help you. It is up to you to seek and harmonize yourself with Nature. Take advantage of this fantastic knowledge of ancient seers and find out what your harmonizing Vedic astrological gemstones are, today!More info : By Niranjan Mehta

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