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A Mother can be A Human or A divine Mother.

MONDAY, MAY 21, 2012
A Mother Can Be A Human or A divine Mother.
As we celebrate our Mother Amma Every Moment of our life. Last year 2011 on May 15, my Mother Amma left her Material body for a new Journey. 
Why do I Write a blog on my Mother Amma? Everyone thinks that they have a  great Mother. However everyone may not know that time to time our great Mother DO GO IN TO A HUMAN MODE and  there are some mothers who never slip from Divine Mother mode to Human Mother mode .. When a MOTHER lives for herself we called Human, when A mother lives for her family we called her A Mother , BUT WHEN A MOTHER LIVES FOR OTHER NOT FOR HERSELF AT THAT TIME WE CALLED HER A DIVINE MOTHER AND CIVILIZATION. our mother Amma ended up in that category by her Karma.
This MAY inspires future young children to be a Divine mother, or at least will give a new direction toward a right path.
I also Felt there was no justification if I do not share or write this  My Experience of the finest Quality within a Human (AMMA). Was giving up for Other, Here I have seen it from her every moment of my life, here i felt it  every moment of my life.  For my wife for my children for our relatives, they will not Able  assess our AMMA . Because for them that story of her life Book pages 96  but for them , that book is available only from pages 70 or 80 or page 90  they don't know what was written on other pages Because they were not around her from the start. Or in the same manner our children will never able to see what some of our brothers-sisters good moments or helped each other when you were young or even before their Birth, for them your life start as nature allowed them to see you or are able to understand you. This the main reason I decided to write . This will give a comfort zone for them.
In Amma’s case her all Grand children her all daughters in law, Her son in law all looked after her very well. (In simple seeing a mysterious movie From half way!)
Here the world most authentic, the most empirical, the most wises of all wise, the most respected & oldest scripture Vedas what it says about Mother read
Women in Rig Vedic hymns
In the marriage hymn (RV10.85.26), the wife "should address the assembly as
A commander." [6]
A Rig Veda hymn says:[7]Rig Veda, Book 10. HYMN CLIX.Saci Paulomi.-I am the banner and the head, a mightyarbitress am I: I am victorious, and my Lord shall besubmissive to my will.
There are also verses which demean women.[8]
Rig Veda, Book 8. HYMN XXXIII. Verse 17.Saci Paulomi.
-Indra himself hath said, The mind of woman brooks not discipline, Her intellect hath little weight
"Janani Janmabhumischa Svargadapi Gariasi" i.e. The mother and the motherland are superior to heaven.
Those Sanskrit verses say Mother is the most important position as well as the highest level for any Human at the same time that mother is also a woman too, therefore  Here we need to  understand one but the very clear meaning and CONTRADICTORY MEANING ON WOMEN OR MOTHER in Above three Sanskrit sloks ,  And how to apply. As far as my understanding is that All respects come with responsibility and action . Mother IS FIRST a WOMAN has To act the way she has grown or grows her child from birth to the end. Every Step, and at every action she just gives, she gives milk, Sanskar (Virtues), Knowledge, pure love, health. Confidence, assurance, shelter however the most Important she does it Without any expectation nor gain nor desire to gain.
 The Same mother can be a Wife, a sister, a sister in law,  (an Aunty) a Masi, A Faiba at that time, if she still maintain the same quality &  Dignity of that Divine Mothers  what she does to her children then That Woman turn into a new elevation of that category of the Divine Mother (woman),
My Mother Amma lived her rest of her life her life for others, therefore, everyone called her Amma (Mother
Her Great Traits, Nobleness, very graceful personality was the aroma of her life. We all Children had a tremendous attachment with Her, however it was as Mother but there is a good mother , However once we come into contact with lots of different People from all walk of life . Our understanding An assessment of our Mother Gone very High. Most of things we started Noticing after age forty ;  especially after coming to America, seeing how Others live,  how other cook, how  others treat their families or Friends or employee, seeing How ME , ME mentality, seeing How people pollute( unknowingly ) their own children with lie to serve individual Agenda. We saw all kinds of experience in America. For Indian Children it is Very confusing, they have the inner mindset is programmed by Indian parents based on Indian value and we want to use in America or trained to use in America Without Indian environment. For Desi Children   I assumed to be A constant struggle for them to figure it out, filter it out and not many Places where seniors are there to tell them what is right and what is wrong With a command.

We called our mother Amma and whenever she lived whether It is Rangoon, Calcutta, Rajkot, Mumbai or in USA she was always known As Amma. When I was young I used to get upset why my mother is not saying a single negative word about some of our relatives who used to do injustice to her. (They were just an average human of emotions, and she was smart enough to Ignore those Injustice or knew the Law of Karma well.)
I used to think why she is not buying jewelry And expensive cloth for her Instead of just giving money to other's four Education, or other need, I used to questioning her nobleness and not The counter is arguing or not saying anything about anybody but just beautiful Smile on face with very calm, Serene and composed posture.
I used To feel why she is not asking for her interest and her family interest I have never seen her arguing or throwing pots of pain or polluting the child's mind with ‘ she is bad” or “ they are no good” . She never taught us to live selfishly, never told us to come first or never pushes for a grade, but Always her purse is open for our hobby or educations, at the same Time she was very careful that we stay good human first. My parent knew a balance & generous Human is more important than Some man made statues or man-made degree.
She was a true example of what a dream wife for my father. After cooking 3 or sometime 4 meals for ( People every day still by 8 Pm she would be sitting with my father look like fresh flower with clean cloth , we all brother sister hovering around our parents, reading Magazines newspapers  or listening  Babuji  stories of Gandhian speeches or some Sanskrit slok. Or about her College Days at Ferguson or in Rangoon. It was so good time that without Mercedes, without a palace, without expensive jewelry, without iPad and Without iPhone. The finest time and finest moment which was inscribed by Her pure love for family without any effort in all our heart and mind .IT WILL GO WITH PROCESS OF THE NATURE.
When we came from Burma we lost almost 3300 Acre land, a rice Mill, and lots of jewelry. My parents have to come without anything’s but great memory and all Alive in India. My parents had two options in Burma to take what Burmese Mob allowed,  we had so Many  boxes of big jewelry each weight 10-12 pound. During war time we had Only one option is to take it one box for life safety and easy to hide,
  ( More info  ) 
 It was a dilemma for my parents to take our jewelry or Take my Faiba's box (  Manjula M Mehta Daughter in law of Dr. P.J. Mehta and Sister of My father). It was an extremely An emotional situation as per my father. My father Just told my mother that we Took responsibility of “ Manula Ben (Maya Faiba my father’s Sister and Daughter In law of Dr. P.J. Mehta) Jewelry and we need to return it her” my Mother at that time without any grudge and quarrel let her go her box into war torn Burma of 1939-1945 .However her good Karma paid back  Her back very fast. My mother wrote a letter to her father and explained our situation from Chittagong, Luckily my maternal grandfather he kept everything ready for us by the time we Reached India after a few months.
A spacious but very simple home for our seven Brother sister plus parents. We had a four  rooms with fully Furnished with every room. Even we all children have our closet , good Supplied of tailored cloth for summer and winter and each one had their own study Tables. Her pantry  was so nicely made that still I have to see anything like it, She had a big bangle closet (not box) We were seven  growing up kids but we all Have to get up very early , twice a day showers, sitting with Her in Puja,  we used to get freshly cooked breakfast. In those days we never had Gas or electric stove but (Sagdi) coal bucket kind of cooking Support.  Then at lunch Again we used to get a full lunch with complete Indian Thali with (kachubar, raiyta) All pickles, papad, and always some sweet and Fresh chapatti.  And again in afternoon Around 4 clock she used to make Tea with some potato pave, or some very light snack and at around 7:30 we used to have evening Meal most of time with Milk,  Bajri, Kichadi, ( why all I Write here? The Main reason after living 40 years in west with all electronic appliances in Kitchen but there is no warmness and pure love of food. In India what we used To do sitting on Patla for those power house foods with love and affection)
Above duty my mother used to day after day, month after month And years after years till we brother moved to Mumbai in early 1960 And Amma started getting some help from My sister Jyoti and later Pallavi. I was speaking to my Brother Atul is really painful things to cook Every day 3-4 times for 9 people and place two Helper. Our helpers were only can help on pots and pan Cleaning and cloth washing. In Kitchen my mother never allowed any other hand To touch food.
She used to say when you cook your food by your own hand it Blends your  (BHAV) no word in English but close world can be a pure love. At that time I never realized what she mean but now I have my own family and I Have my own experience with both generations without  any hesitation I Wish new generation understand  and learn to sacrifice .She herself always So fresh and used to take two and sometime three quick showers with changing Cloth. Even at her age 90 she used to take two showers a day and keep herself fresh like a spring Morning (she started getting help in the shower after her age 89 until she Passed away at the age of 96) and I am sure she used to wash her own cloth till Age 88.
Her father, my maternal grandfather gave her almost 2 less rupees in late 1946 after we came back from Burma Penniless.  But she never spent a single rupee out of it on her intensely (It could be today's 3-4 cror rupees. Her purse is always open for needy and children's ' Happiness and hobby.
Lots of time she had to deal with selfish and less ME, ME, ME KIND OF close relatives and there could be lots of situations where she could Have asked for her interest or her desire, her wishes, OR HER OWN MONEY. But no, she was so divine a living goddess. Some jealous elements if Said bad thing on her
Back for her she used her that element gets the Most respect and look after well. A beauty she is not ending my both Gandhian Uncles one Vaju kaka in Burma for 17 years and Mulu kaka in India were part of the family. She thought Us so well to respect them the best, look after them the best possible and Always used to take good quality care of them. That upbringing created TREMENDOUS BOND BETWEEN OUR BROTHER SISTER WE NOW SIX BROTHER SISTER IF SOMETHING GO WRONG WITH ANYONE OF US WE ARE READY WHOLE HEARTILY, THIS OUR BOND SOME TIME MAKE SOME PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE ESPECIALLY IN TIME OF NUCLEUS FAMILY FOR US WE COME LAST BUT OTHER FIRST. She rarely visited other’s home; her happiness was Her husband and her family and her guest at her HOME. The guest always got the most important Respect at our home. She has never spoken bad about anyone, she never  Said any negative thing about anyone
At that time that was her sacrifice is later part of her life  Came back to her in a very graceful way. Her last 30 years of life she Had so many people around, her all children even her grandchildren looked after Her so well. She was taken care like a child with lots of pure love and Affection, not only for her children but hundred and hundred close, distance Family and friends... If someone wants the proof of the Law of Karma I have Well proven and WELL seen in her own life.

Amma's Simple understanding about life:

When a Bird is alive its Eats Ants, When Bird is Dead Ants eat the Bird.
One Tree Makes Millions of match sticks... ONLY one match stick  needed to burn a million trees.

In Life you will realize that there is a purpose for everyone we meet.
Some will test you, some will use We ( We may think that way) and someones action will teach Us.
Every one comes around with the reason and Karmic Obligation. We all are interconnected. " Yatha Pinde thatha Bramhande" " You are the Universe within the universe"  every action within us and around us is the motion of our own past Karma. Do your duty as sincerely as possible and move on in the life without pride or prejudice. the problem we only see the fruit but we don't see the seed .

My Father Babuji always used to say "when you grow a Bitter Mellon tree ,you get bitter Mellon and
If you grow a sweet mango tree, you get sweet mango

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